Acting Through Song Coaching

This class in mainly targeted to musical theatre passionate and those preparing for an audition. 

What to expect: 
Prior to the class, you will be asked to prepare the given circumstances of the song/s you’re working on. Don’t worry, you will be given the necessary material!

During the class, we will strengthen your character’s objective throughout the song, in order to make the journey your character is going through stronger. 

Areas of study:

Katja Chevallier - Cours de chant privés à Val d'Europe 77

A note for singers: acting though song classes are not singing lessons.
They are meant for singers who wish to work on their acting skills.

Acting though song coaching are 30 minutes (ideal for 1 song) or 1h long (ideal for 2 songs) , at the student’s need.


Students are expected to arrive on time and with all the necessary materials, including: your song lyrics or sheet music, a karaoke or piano accompaniment, a pencil, and WATER.
Students should not keep their lessons if they are sick, or have been sick the day before the lesson. If so, please contact me asap.

Cancellation policy

If you make a cancellation within 48 hours of the lesson, you are responsible for paying the total cost of the lesson. It is possible to reschedule a lesson if the 48 hours notification is given. 


• One-time singing lessons & coaching (1h): 40 €

• Singing lessons & coaching consecutive weekly sessions (1h): 
    2 months (6 x 1h): 210 € (35€/h)
    4 months (12 x 1h): 396 € (33€/h)

• Acting through song coaching: 30 min: 20 €  —  1h: 40 €

Online payments must be made in full before each lesson (add 3,5% PayPal Fee).
In-person payments must be made the day of the lesson (cash or check).