What to expect from a class with me?

I offer vocal lessons and coachings tailored to my students. During the first class, I will evaluate where you’re at in terms of vocal technique, then we will determine your goals and needs, and how to help you reach those objectives.

My goal is to provide all my students with a healthy vocal technique, enabling them to sing with freedom and authenticity. 

Both for passionate singers and those performing at high level, I put an emphasis on topics such as vocal hygiene, vocal endurance, vocal physiology, … with the intention for you to understand your instrument and how to take care of it.

I believe a healthy vocal technique and a good vocal hygiene are the keys to a complete freedom to express yourself through singing, and taking control of your own voice.

It’s important for me to focus on YOUR voice and your own authenticity. That’s why, even though my background is mostly in musical theatre, I am equipped to teach in any musical genre and style (pop, rock, folk, r&b, …). The only two domains I don’t specialize in are vocal distorsions (mostly used in metal music) and classical singing (opera). 


I cannot recommend Katja enough! She is one of the kindest, and most caring people to work with. She offers a wide range of practical exercises catered to each students specific needs. Not only does she give her students a strong foundation in technique, but she is also skilled in coaching the performance of a song. Working with Katja is an absolute delight and I encourage anyone to try a lesson with her!


Katja is a knowledgeable teacher who always cared about me and my voice. Her exercises were always tailored to me and she always cared about how they were working for me. She was always sweet and understanding, and took my voice and confidence to a whole different level. So grateful!!


Katja m'avait été recommandée par une collègue. J'avais beaucoup d'appréhension ne connaissant absolument rien du tout au chant. Katja s'est avérée être une prof géniale, à l'écoute et ouverte sur les choix musicaux. Très pédagogue sur sa manière d'enseigne en expliquant l'utilité de chaque exercice vocal et chaque exercice de respiration. Je la recommande absolument car elle saura vous mettre en confiance et vous faire progresser ! J'ai fini par m'enregistrer et m'écouter chanter, chose que je n'aurais jamais pensé faire de ma vie !


Je prends des cours avec Katja depuis 3 mois et grâce à ses cours j’ai découvert des parties de ma voix que je n’avais pas l’habitude d’utiliser et renforcé les parties que je connaissais déjà. Elle est pleine de bons conseils et c’est toujours un plaisir de travailler avec elle, je la recommande vivement!


Je remercie déjà Katja pour son accueil et sa disponibilité. Les exercices choisis et le récapitulatif de fin de cours sont vraiment très utiles pour travailler entre chaque session. Katja est très à l'écoute et s'adapte facilement à mes capacités (en plus, ses encouragements sont très utiles pour avancer rapidement tout en étant motivée !) Je recommande vivement et souhaite poursuivre dans cette voie. Merci Katja !


Classes & Coaching

This service is best suited for singers who:
– Don’t know yet about singing lessons
– Would like a tryout before engaging in a semester with me
– Are unsure about their personal schedule
– Need help with their voice right away and don’t wish for continuous lessons.

These classes are best suited to:
– Improve your vocal technique
– Enhance your vocal skills and strength
– Prepare for an audition
– Prepare for a studio recording or a performance
– Find personal growth
– Improve your hearing and musical skills (pitch, rhythm, …)

Areas of study:
– Acting skills
– Given circumstances and objectives
– Storytelling
– Vocal technique and styles (if needed)

PS: acting though song classes are not singing lessons. They are meant for singers who wish to work on their acting skills.


Students are expected to arrive on time and with all the necessary materials, including: your song lyrics or sheet music, a karaoke or piano accompaniment, a pencil, and WATER.
Students should not keep their lessons if they are sick, or have been sick the day before the lesson. If so, please contact me asap.

Cancellation policy

If you make a cancellation within 48 hours of the lesson, you are responsible for paying the total cost of the lesson. It is possible to reschedule a lesson if the 48 hours notification is given. 


• One-time singing lessons & coaching (1h): 40 €

• Singing lessons & coaching consecutive weekly sessions (1h): 
    2 months (6 x 1h): 210 € (35€/h)
    4 months (12 x 1h): 396 € (33€/h)

• Acting through song coaching: 30 min: 20 €  —  1h: 40 €

Online payments must be made in full before each lesson (add 3,5% PayPal Fee).
In-person payments must be made the day of the lesson (cash or check).